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Trust? Big word.

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Keep holding on, it’ll be worth it #WalangBibitawKathNiels (please do not remover credits/watermark)

Keep holding on, it’ll be worth it #WalangBibitawKathNiels (please do not remover credits/watermark)

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3 words over all these happenings..
I STILL BELIEVE, and im glad i did. Thank you to all who stay and to those who leave it was nice having you in this fandom. 💙💛

To the Best guy ever, you are one lucky bastard..you know that, i really want to punch you straight in the face but at the same time…

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What if… to be continued

Alternate Universe

I’ve tried

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In three years span, the fandom has grown so much in number. Some are new, and some were there from the start; some left and some stayed. We’ve made friends and formed relationships with our co-fans, either personally or virtually, that have stood through time. We may have indifference’s and short comings, that must’ve shaped arguments and misunderstandings inside the fandom. But one of the things that kept as intact and united is our undying love for Kath and DJ. And that’s the beautiful part of it— that at the end of the day, we still have each other. After all, we’re one big Ohana


PS Thank you so much for this, I’m so sorry I couldn’t fit everyone. I appreciate the participation so much, really!

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I hope Kathniel are fine and I hope the audio recording is fake. →


I haven’t been posting Kathniel photosets/GIFsets on this blog because their fans have annoyed me in the past. I do, however, like Kathniel a lot. I still have a strong feeling that the audio recording is real; having said that, I want Kathryn to be happy (okay, honesty time… mas gusto ko kasi si…

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i can’t take my eyes off you


i can’t take my eyes off you

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BarrNardo instagram

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2012 DJ says hi to fans in doubt